Focus on priority

Staying focused on an activity that can have the greatest possible consequences for yourself and your business. An ability to stay focused and concentrate can make all the difference between success and failure.

Strive for Innovation

FILASCO America focuses Innovation on the areas directly related to our clients. We apply tailored solutions to every issue that arises. Our creations are highly technological.

Commitment to Loyalty and Alternative

We consider loyalty in both of these potential lights: as an alternative, and as a factor. When considering loyalty as a factor, it might at first appear that it will have less effect in an environment (such as the one we are considering) with no real alternatives.

Service must be with creativity

The relationship between service and creativity can be flipped. Creativity, the ability of allowing resonant expression to flow through you, requires surrender of the ego. In the same way, service, the practice of bringing joy others, requires a dissolved ego.

Openness is opportunity

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Connect, Collaborate and Win with FILASCO Products

FILASCO America LLC is an Exclusive telecommunication service provider specializing in wholesale and retail voice termination/origination, aggregation services. We have a range of quality destinations. As of now, we have directly established business relationship with many tier-1/tier-2 operators owning expertise in the industry. Our Core Values are Quality Routes, Competitiveness and Transparency. We would like to tell you that we have A-Z Route with an option of Bulk Traffic Termination/origination. Quality of service & support are our main specialty.

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VoIP Solutions

FILASCO America LLC is an Exclusive telecommunication service provider specializing in wholesale and retail voice termination/origination, aggregation services.

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Retail Services

FILASCO America also provides keen insight into retail platform activities through advanced technology, that allowing the company to deliver the best services in the market.

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IT Solutions

We as FILASCO America provide a comprehensive analysis of core infrastructure to include WAN/LAN, Wireless, VoIP, Servers, Compliancy, Software and Backups, Web design, development and maintenance.

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The main objective of FILASCO America is to improve the user experience. Above all, we wanted to facilitate the choice of products and create an enjoyable shopping experience.

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Perfection can significantly reduce competetion

We have a vast work forces along with specialist to support 24/7 to our clients around the globe. Our core values is our team anthem to start sessions.

Our spirit lives with FILASCO

  • L = LOYAL

FILASCO AMERICA gathered experts to take the group of ventures together ahead to achieve greater glory.

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Welcome to Filasco America

FILASCO America is a company, where you will find all your solutions just a click away. 

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